Attitude Is Everything

Most People Succeed... Because They Are Determ...
Most People Succeed... Because
They Are Determined To
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Problems become harder to solve partly because of how it affects us, how it makes us feel. Problems often represent an obstacle to reaching our goal, making us frustrated, mad or even feel defeated. This puts us at a disadvantage from the get go. How can we solve a problem if we ourselves are at a disadvantage?
Think about the last question. If I turn it around and say "If we are at a disadvantage, how can we solve a problem". The questions assumes we are at a disadvantage. We are at a disadvantage in solving problems because problems make us feel bad. A way out suddenly presents itself. If we don't feel bad, we would be at an advantage to solving the problem.We may not solve the problem by just changing how we feel, but we just took a big leap when we do.
How we feel as we are facing the problem is important. Don't let the problem get to you. If you do feel sad or angry, feel sad and angry for a while. But just before facing the problem to solve it, stop feeling sad and angry. Change how you feel. Change your attitude. Pick yourself up, take a deep breath and take that first step.

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