Get over it, it's a problem

Sebi on the most famous problem
Sebi on the most famous problem (Photo credit:
You know what? The saying is right. The first step is the hardest. So many problems grow and become worse simply because nobody is willing to admit it's a problem. The solution to this is simple: admit that it is a problem. This is the only way of getting over the negative interpretation of problems and allows you to focus on the problem. It moves us past the tantrums, regrets, delays and despair. It is about acceptance and moving on to the business of fixing the problem.
How exactly? There is no magic incantation. Say it aloud, "I have a problem." Don't dress it up with fancy words. It is not just a nuisance. It is not a just an inconvenience. It is isn't just an issue nor is it just a topic for discussion. Don't beat around the bush. It is a problem. Say it aloud.
The sooner you admit it, the sooner we get to solving it.

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