Milk Is Worth Crying For

I don't agree with the saying "its no use crying over spilt milk". The saying advocates an action in response to an event over an emotional response. It's saying that it's better to do something instead of just sitting and feeling bad about it. I can't fully agree with that. Although an emotional response is not what should be dwelt on, it does have its uses.
Often an emotional response is required to help get over or put the event in the past. It may come even after action is taken. If there is time, go ahead on dwell on the problem but only for limited amount of time. Set a deadline. Limit yourself by setting the time when your will move to Step 2. Don't be surprised that you can't feel that bad once there is deadline to it.
An emotional response can be also converted into a powerful tool. Actions become more powerful when supported with emotion. I am not talking about lashing out or jumping headlong. The frustration with a problem can be converted to a commitment to find a solution. Take all those feelings of frustration and anger and use it to drive yourself to find a solution. Say to yourself, "Never again will I find myself in this problem. I'm going to learn my lesson and not do the same things that led to the problem. I'm going to find the solution that solves the problem in the best possible way for me."
Once a solution is found, all efforts that can be mustered can be put behind it to make sure it is done fast, done well and solves the problem. Don't be surprised when the success at the end will be so much fulfilling and so much more rewarding.

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