Outline Thoughts and Ideas with Outlines

I love outlines. I can't say it enough. I used to be a mess when it came to organizing my thoughts. It wasn't that I had no ideas, I had too many of them, coming to me all at once. My teachers made a note of my critical thinking skills but my natural ability to be disorganized made my comments not very useful beyond the first one or two ideas. My opinions were not clear to everyone beyond the initial comment.
Then I took an English class and one of the skill they taught was how to build an outline. It opened a whole new world to me. I was able to put down my thoughts and rearranged them so that other people would understand them.
I hope to have enough free time to delve into detail on making an outline but a starter, these links help

If you have other links that you've found useful, I'd like to hear about them. Please leave a comment together with the link for all to share. Thanks in advance.

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