Putting it in Perspective

Describing the problem to someone gives you the opportunity to put a perspective on the problem you are facing. When we just think about a problem, we could easily end up in circles or unable see the problem for what it is. We are too affected by the problem that if affects our thinking. We are sometimes unable to create our view of the problem rather than form an opinion on the problem or it's solutions. I call this the "face against the glass" syndrome. It's like we are looking at something in the display window of a shop with someone pressing our face hard against the glass (and not in a good way). We know what we want is behind the glass but we can barely see it.
When we describe our problem to someone, we are forced to put a perspective on it. In fact, our description to someone is just that, it is a view on the problem. The process of describing the problem makes us put labels and details on abstract ideas and pictures in our head. It brings into the light what was residing in the dark corners of our mind. Once our view is properly formed, we can see the problem's strengths and weaknesses, it's details and how it affects others. Don't be surprised if you even can see a way out of your problems.