Teaming Up To Win 2

Continued from Teaming Up To Win.
A sports team has a very clear structure. Each team member knows what they have do. Each of them have both specific and general tasks. General tasks are jobs that are common to all members. Like to stop the members of the other team from crossing the field in football. At the same time they each can have specific tasks. A team member has to block a specific guy or run the interception pattern. All of these actions together form teamwork.
A sign of a winning team is when these tasks are clearly defined by the Coach. A good Team Captain knows not only his tasks but also those of all his team members. This information is crucial if he has to call an audible or make changes on the field to respond to some thing he sees happening in the game.
Each team member doing their job well is half the job done. What makes the whole more than the sum of its parts is how each member interacts and communicates with each other. Both of these are reliant on each other.

Communication is key in ensuring information reaches the right people so they can do their jobs. Being clear on who does what and defining on how roles interact reduces confusion and help to identify gaps or
areas that should be covered but aren't. This is promotes communication between groups and between each member. The positive attitude to take is to support other team members when they can't do their tasks well, either because of injury or just a mismatch with the other team's player. 
In team sports, success is measured not by one players brilliance but by the match being won.

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