The Dilbert Principle

Stressed out at the office? Wondering why your boss doesn't understand that there things that are impossible or illegal? If you are applying the 5 Steps at the office, its best to understand more about you environment and the challenges that you will face in solving your problem. There is no book that does that better than The Dilbert Principle. If this comic strip is new to you, visit the official site for a taste of the genius of the series.
The Dilbert Principle is made of a collection of experiences sent by real-life office workers of life and insanity at the office. Author Scott Adams tries to sort out and explain them the best he can. Each chapter is devoted to a topic and is peppered with comics from his popular strip. The strips illustrate a point or goes into detail on a series of events that chapter describes. It is heartening to know that what goes on in your office happens elsewhere too. Although he humorously points out that competency is rarely rewarded, it is sad to know that his statement is true in many places.
Which puts problem solving in a difficult place. I am not going to judge your motivation to solve your office problems. I just hope you do.
The Dilbert Principle offers an insight in the thinking (or lack thereof) that goes in the office every day. You can take with you the lessons the book puts forward and use them to your advantage. Or just smile when a scene from the book is repeated in real-life.
I haven't found a book that is so on the money that I keep coming back to it year after year. If I was any geekier, I'd say this is the "Lords of Rings" of management books. Get the Dilbert Omnibus for the full effect. You can skip the last section of his second book, the Dilbert Future and even his last book, The Joy of Work. Scott Adams gets too philosophical in those sections. Who wouldn't be after reading story after story of the madness that goes on in offices around the world.