Do Not Lose Focus of the Result

Maybe you think your problem is not worth solving. You've tried hard to find a solution. You've had problems defining the criteria that will make the solution. You've asked hard questions and only got more questions. You knew the road would be long and hard. But you never expected it to be this hard. Right about now, giving up would be a relief.
Please stay focused. You may be closer to the solution than you think. In the meantime, try focusing on the rewards and gains that is yours once the problem is solved. Think about all the things you will be able to do once this problem is solved. Imagine your success. Remember the last time you were successful at anything. Did you think your odds then were unsurmountable too? Despite that, you still found success.You still made it work. You found a way. Take yourself back to that time and remember how it felt. Now imagine you solving this problem and feeling the same thing. Is that a feeling you want? The joy and exuberance of success. It is within your grasp. Take this opportunity. You deserve it.