Own the Solution

Ownership is a tacky issue with problems. When a problem does occur, ownership gets tossed around. The assumption is that whomever owns the problem, has to solve it. This wastes precious time which could have been used to begin to solve the problem. It increases anxiety among people who are targeted and can create a general feeling of restlessness, waiting for the other shoe to drop.
If it is clear that the you or your group is responsible to solve a particular problem, perhaps it should viewed differently. It shouldn't be viewed as a burden or obstacle. Rather than focus on the problem, focus on owning the solution. That is what problem solving is really about. You are responsible for beginning the process of solving the problem. You will find a solution that is a fit for your problem. You are probably solving the problem right now simply by taking ownership and moving the process towards a solution..
Look past the problem and focus on the solution. Be proud of owning the solution and don't let anyone take that away from you.