So far, yet so close

The title isn't wrong. It's supposed to be the other way around but when it comes to problem solving, it's probably right.
You've made the journey this far. You've admitted that it was a problem, even though it was hard to do. In the process, you even admitted that some other things were a problem too and needed to be addressed. You've sat down and described the problem honestly and in it's entirety, not glossing over anything nor overstating the minor issues. You've went through and found solutions, both natively and from others, both that require modification in behavior and process and those that require acquisition of new things. You looked at them alone and with others, selecting the best solution for the best situation before checking with reality and choosing one. You've made it this far. Ask yourself the hard questions. Why do so many people reach here but go no further? Why are you still here and haven't went ahead and just solve your problem?
A lot of efforts to solve problems, go the distance in terms of coming up with a solution but when it comes to just doing the solution, gets bogged down by inertia, fear and fatigue. It does seem counter-intuitive that someone who knows what the solution is, does not make the effort to just implement the solution. But it is very common. Ask any drunk who wants to quit.

That last statement isn't fair. For their own reasons, every drunk who wants to quit has a reason not to. And it is hard to quit. The fact that others have, don't make it any easier for that person to quit. The question is, are you an alcoholic? Do you have a reason not to solve your problem? Sure, the solution may not be easy but is it worth for the problem to remain a problem? Go back to step one and ask the question again, "Is this a problem?" If so, admit to yourself that it is a problem. Repeat the phrase you chose again. "It is a problem. And I want to solve it." or "I have a problem And I want to solve it." Then ask yourself, why isn't it solved? Why are you not solving it? Why are you still here? Why haven't you done something?
Do you keep finding reasons not to solve your problem? Take a look at those reasons honestly. If your chosen solution is the reason your problem is not solved, then maybe it is not the solution. Maybe you need to choose another solution. If you think the time for the chosen solution has passed, then move on the solution that can fit the environment now or in the near future. For every reason you find to not solve the problem, find a reason to solve it. Don't wait to solve the problem until the ill the problem brings exceeds the issues holding off the solution. Don't wait until it is too late.