The Timeliness of It All

Time plays an important part in any solution.
We often wait too long. Do you consider your problem not important enough for you to solve it now? Or you don't feel like solving it now? Stop. There is no better time than now. Unless your solution depends on a certain time to pass or to wait until a certain time comes, get started as soon as you can. If you can start now, take the opportunity. You just may not be able to start tomorrow.
If you are hesitating, ask yourself whether the problem is no longer a problem? This fork in the road that is often taken without considering two main questions. First, don't make hesitation a reason to stop. It becomes an easy way out for those looking for a way out of solving the problem. Are you saying that the problem is no longer one simply to get out of solving it?
The second question is: Do you like the way things are, the way it is while there problem exists? It is the choice for those who want the status quo to remain or to be seen as making an effort to solve it but don't really want to. Ask yourself whether you are either of them. If not, try this: Go back to StepOne and try it again. Admit that is is a problem. Can you still do that?
If you can no longer admit it is a problem, it probably isn't. Find out why. Are the benefits from solving the problem no longer there? Is the negative or detrimental effects that the problem causes stopped to being so? When did the problem stop becoming one. Once you have answers, make a decision. Quickly.
Do you go ahead and solve it or not? 
Nike hit on something when they came up with their famous slogan. When it comes to solving problems, their simple advice may just be what you need.