Saying "I have a problem"

Step1 is admitting that we have a problem. We must admit it not just to ourselves but to others who will be part of the solution. We also have to admit it to the people who are affected by the problem. But undoubtedly, the hardest person to admit that we have a problem to is ourselves.
The best way to do Step1 in the beginning is to just stand in front of a mirror and say, "I have a problem." Later when we grow stronger and more confident, we can pull up a friend and say, "I have a problem." Once we are strong enough, we can look at a problem and say to ourselves, "I have a problem" and convict ourselves to the next step, Step2.
Saying "I have a problem" is sometimes not enough. Sometimes, it can be boring. It can be repetitive. Once it becomes too repetitive, it can lose it's meaning. So to counter that, here are some alternative to "I have a problem" that you can use and take heart to.

This is an obstacle between me and my success
This is bad but I have been through worse
I need to get a hold on this problem and turn it around
This is a problem but I can fix it
This problem needs to be fixed now by me
Let's face it, this is bad and we can't avoid it anymore
I feel bad now but I'm gonna feel worse if I don't do something about it