Framing The Problem to describe the Solution

Perspective (graphical)
A clear path is better is full of certainty  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
While Step 1 is about describing the problem, there will be time when we are not sure what the problem is. We are unable to describe the problem because the cause is not physically nearby or it is further up the chain. In short, we are only seeing the effects of it. This in itself is a small victory. It takes skill to separate the effects of a problem and the actual cause. Most people confuse the two and misdirect their efforts in solving the problem.
So in these cases, when describing the the problem, instead of describing the attributes of the problem, approach it from the end of the solution. We can frame the description of the problem in the form of attributes of the solution. So instead of just describing the problem and stopping because we think it is beyond what we can do, continue on and describe the solution and what do you expect from it. More importantly, describe what is it that you want to achieve from the solution.