A Bit of Background

I am the last person I thought who would know about people and problems.
I make a living working with computers. It's nice because computers are designed to follow what you tell them to do. If it does something different, most likely we were telling it the wrong way. I used to think that computers solve problems for people. And I work with many different types of people in helping them solve their problems with computers.
What I discovered eventually was that problems are not solved purely with computers. Quite often enough, the human aspect of it plays a big part. So with each customer, I got them to look at the problem in it's entirety and help them help themselves. I got them to solve their problems, whether it used technology or not. After going through this many times, I noticed a pattern emerging.
I can even remember the exact moment when I realized what I was doing was following those 5 basic steps. Ironically, I was on an escalator after getting off the train. A customer was demanding over the phone that I explain the strategy that was going to be used to solve their problem. I just rattled the 5 steps out. However, he didn't like what he heard. But others did.
I realized that I was thinking about those 5 steps often enough that I was beginning to repeat myself. I found myself going through those steps repeatedly without even thinking. It helped me out of a lot of tight spots because even when I am stuck, I know what the next step is going to be.
Now I do it without thinking twice about it. I apply it as required. I don't spend too much time going through the steps if the problem is a simple one and doesn't affect others. I do put more effort and time if the problem affects others and has recurring repercussions.

I am not a self-help guru.
I am an computer guy who have been working with computers since the mid 80s. I've worked in universities, medical institutions, computer companies, government and telecommunication conglomerates in a variety of positions. In all of them, my work involved solving problems. Computers were touted as making people more productive. When people weren't productive it was either due to computer problems or people-related problems with computers. It didn't matter which because I had to solve both. Computers are easy. They follow what you tell them to do. Most of the time, anyway.
What I found out is that instead of just solving their problems, it is better if I helped them help themselves.
This blog is just my way of sharing what I've learnt and I hope that someone will find it useful. Please leave a comment or email me at aidhams@solveanythingin5steps.com